Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Relief Society, Super Saturday, Fabric Covered Book of Mormon

Fabric Covered Book of Mormon

Ironing Board/Iron
Iron on Vinyl
Pocket Size BoM
Velcro -or- Magnetic Closures
Ribbon (10 inches)
Small Piece of Fabric (8.5x11 roughly)
Krazy Glue
Glue Gun/Glue Sticks
2 Buttons or matching embellishments (Flowers for girls)
Needle and Thread to sew on button and velcro (If not using magnetic clasp)

1. Cut iron on vinyl 

2. Peel paper off vinyl and stick vinyl to right side of fabric.

3.  Place the paper you just peeled off on top of the vinyl you just stick to the fabric.

4.  Iron the paper on top of the vinyl for 8 seconds per area with medium pressure.

5.  Turn fabric over and iron back side of fabric for 4 seconds with medium pressure.

6.  Peel paper off vinyl and Ta Da!  Vinyl covered fabric!

7.  Trace pattern to wrong side of fabric and cut it out.

8a.  Measure where you want the clasps.

8b.  If you're using buttons and velcro, this is where you sew your buttons to the cover-flap.  Sandwich the vinyl fabric in between the velcro and button and sew it tight.  Next you will sew the ribbon (bookmark) and button onto the front left corner.  This time sandwich the matching ribbon in between the vinyl and button and sew on tightly.

8.  Clamp on the clasps with needle nose pliers.

9.  Smooth on Krazy Glue on front cover of BoM.  Make sure it's smooth and you get all the edges well.  Then smooth on the fabric.

10.  Do the same for the side and back. 

11. Glue on the embellishment on top of the ribbon and then glue them to the front cover in the upper left corner.  Next glue an embellishment on the flip to cover the back side of the clasp.  Now you're done.

I like the yellow one much more because the velcro on the flap is thinner compared to the large clasp that I used for the striped one.